М8 Effect provides a package proposal in supplying of continuous service for manufacturers of advertising .

We offer the advertising industry materials:

  • wide choice of plastic sheets for production of signboards and POS decoration 
  • printing and thermo-transfer films
  • textile, meshes, banners for printing 
  • LEDs and aluminium profiles for light-boxes and frames 

We carry out a market-forming activity by being the first to import in the Republic of Belarus innovative technologies and equipment for bringing unique projects to life.

We offer the equipment for advertising of leading global manufacturers:

  • wide-format printers
  • equipment for laser cutting, milling and engraving 
  • equipment for bending and welding of polymers 
  • equipment for thermo-transferring of images onto surfaces

We render services in materials processing and equipment maintaining:

  • milling
  • pattern cutting
  • backup service of equipment and post-warranty service 

Our services for clients include:

  • equipped showrooms 
  • practice seminars and personal consultations 
  • yearly renewed publications of our catalogue of materials and equipment for advertisement producers 
  • Digest magazine with hot offers and news in advertising industry
  • up-to-date information about events, incomes, offers and campaigns at m8effect.by and on our Facebook page

Our brands:

  • M-art – ACP panels for advertising
  • M-clear – clear PVC sheets
  • M-foam – foamed PVC
  • M-glass – extruded acrylic glass (PMMA)
  • M-magnetic – magnetic vinyl
  • M-easyjet – PVC films for printing and lamination
  • M-reflect – light-reflecting self-adhesive films
  • M-flex – banners and meshes for printing
  • M-led – LED modules, strips and spotlights
  • M-stand – mobile exhibition stands
  • M-tool – grommet machine

We cooperate successfully with over 200 manufactures from 25 countries of the world and orient ourselves towards long-time and mutually beneficial partnership with market leaders.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can contact our Procurement department by:

E-mail: supplier@m8.by

Phone: +375 17 239 09 64

We are always open to new ideas!

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